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The most nourishing and compatible food for our overall health, the food which is the most helpful in preventing various degenerative diseases, such as cancer, is raw vegetables, mainly raw greens (consider the physical makeup and abilities of wild animals which live on raw greens).
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Well buddy,Thanks for pretty good advice on Most Nutritious Food.I am happy to see rising awareness among others.I want to include informative knowledge here.At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I was taught that there is no such thing as a good or bad food. My teachers explained that what makes some foods “evil” and others pristine has nothing to do with their individual morality and everything to do with how we use them.

After reading hundreds of books on food and attending dozens of lectures from some of the top minds in health and nutrition, I still hold this belief to be true.

However there are a few messages about food types that seem to be universal, even among differing branches of belief.

I took my own advice for one full week. I consumed nothing but raw vegetable juices, mostly raw greens, also raw almonds, pecans, and cashews, and a banana a day. After that, taste compulsions corrupted me to an extent. Here is what happened: The first three days I was very hungry. The next 4 days I wasn't hungry. I had what I would describe as a crystal clear mind the last 3 days. I felt better than I ever had. I'll bet anyone they would have the same or similar results. Dropping all resentments and being objective to your thoughts is also necessary. I'm convinced this is the cure for anyone tormented with thoughts. I challenge everyone to try it. I've been making and consuming raw vegetable juice since 1972, up to 2 quarts a day.
Well I used to eat nothing but junk, hardly anything nutritious; but when I started eating healthier and foods that were very good nutrition wise, these are the effects that happened:

1. I lost weight.
2. Hair started looking healthier, shinier, softer
3. My nails looked better (Finger and toe)
4. I don't get sick very much at all now
5. I FEEL better overall
6. I'm not tired and there are no circles under my eyes
7. Any acne problems are gone
8. My self esteem has boosted so I'm happy, which makes people look better anyway.
9. My skin looks better/younger.

Of course, I've been eating healthier for at least somewhere around 1/2 a year now, so it'll probably take a little while to notice the changes in yourself personally.

And in certain respects, yes. Food can fight signs of aging. Eating right and eating well gives your body all the nutrients it needs to function and behave properly, and last longer. Without those nutrients, the body starts acts differently, and breaks down as it gets older; and it'll show a lot faster.
There will be an improvement you will never forget if you try the suggestion in post #3. I took the advice of Dr. Norman Walker who lived to over 100 years. He was a medical doctor for 70 years. His book on fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and other health books are available in most health food stores.
See if you agree with this- the more toxic your food, the more toxic your thoughts.
They say oatmeal, but thats not necessarily true. You need the right amount of carbs, protein, glucose, etc to stay fit. Carbs are on the bottom of the food pyramid and so it is a huge factor health-wise, but other nutrients are just as, or even more so, important.
Therefore, even if oatmeal is a carb that you should be eating, you can't live without the other nutrients.
water is important too :) probably even more so than all those other nutrients
A cooked food that I believe I need for physical well being is mashed potatoes.
For strictly spiritual well being, a raw vegetable diet, including nuts and some kind of fruit each day, is the only way to go. I did that for 7 days straight. I don't know what would happen physically if I continued more than 7 days.
I truly believe this. I have read several 'natural therapy' books on raw vegetables. There has been research as well. I forgot the name, but one prominent research done in Arab by a scientist has generated many such research work on raw greens and sprouts which is found to be magically effective. There are some friends who are also on raw greens, and some are even fruiterian, and all of them are enjoying better health and better mental state. Though I am a vegan, I haven't tried it yet. I was thinking of trying it...and now your forum helped me to revive my wish to shift towards raw greens. thanks.
Thanks a lot for sharing this informative post. I have read several articles that relate to this topic and everything written here is all true and really works. Keep it up!

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