Full Version: The Thought Mind
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Our thought mind works, in part, as follows: A thought is composed of low intensity energy. Similar to the way the energy in a lit fuse releases a greater intensity of energy in the form of an exploding firecracker, thoughts cause electrical impulses to be released from your gray matter (keep in mind that all matter is made of energy). These electrical impulses are then distributed to various muscles in our body causing contracting energy to be released from the atoms that make up our muscles (all of our muscles are contracting muscles). Other examples of contracting energy are static electricity and gravity.
Here’s where you completely misstepped and are out of your element. I’m a neuroscientist and I can tell you that what you describe here is a work of fiction or something that is out of a kindergarten book about the brain and the mind. First and foremost you know nothing about the brain, so please don’t pretend that you do. Second, electrical impulses are not released from gray matter. I don’t even know what the heck that means. Neurons communicate with each other by neurotransmitters (chemicals) and not electricity. Electricity is used to communicate information throughout a single cell and not across cells. Read an introductory biology book and may be you’ll get a clue.

Insults just waste space. Please answer the following questions:

1. Where have you studied neuroscience and for how long?
2. What type of signal does the physical brain (gray matter) send to our muscles?
3. What causes our muscles to contract?

Please state the most important points in any books or articles you believe support your position.
In the literature of neuroscience, generally we read about different types of brain wave frequencies, from the fastest state (Beta) to the slowest (Delta). What I would like to ask here is, is there any specific technique or instruments through which we can consciously (not accidentally or through dream but at will) experience the lower frequency brain waves like Alpha, Theta and Delta? Is it related with the level of wisdom of a person?
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