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An intelligence other than you created your thought processes, such as your ability to understand and learn. God is that intelligence.
An intelligence other than you created your thought processes, such as your ability to understand and learn. God is that intelligence.


I do believe that my thought processes are not self-generated, at least not to start with--but that hardly proves that they are derived from supernatural or intelligent sources. While there is much that we--mankind--do not yet understand about our power to think, there is no reason to believe that it did not evolve as much as our power to see has. Daniel Dennett's books, "Consciousness Explained" and "Darwin's Dangerous Idea," as well as his most recent book, "Breaking the Spell," are all good places to start for those who want to consider a serious alternative.

I don't believe in the existence of any supernatural beings, despite years of thinking and reading on the subject (and earlier belief). What, in the opinion of readers (or the admin) is the single best reason(s) or piece(s) of evidence for belief?

Regards to all, Ed Buckner of Smyrna GA
Ed, do you believe the vast quantity and variety of thoughts and direction, which are constantly being offered up in our mind, and in the minds of 6 billion people, the thoughts and direction which we choose from, have no creator? Admin
The following is a reply by EdBuckner to admin's Post#3:

The 6 to 7 billion people on Earth, and many billions of other animals,
have an incredible variety of thoughts and those in turn have an
incredible variety of sources: the environment offering stimuli, the
evolved brains of all those organisms firing off responses, etc. I
think the thoughts--and the lesser neuron-firings perhaps not worthy to
be called thoughts--have a bewildering number and kinds of creators.
But I see no reason to believe there are any supernatural creators, any
Intelligent Designers beyond ourselves and other natural designers, at
work in any of this. Do you believe your God created the thoughts in
Hitler's mind or Stalin's or the child abuser's? Or do you accept a
Manichean, two-great-gods--one for evil--universe? What is your basic
response to the problem of evil or needless suffering?
Thoughts are, in fact, supernatural. This is sufficient proof of a supernatural creator. Evil thoughts obviously exist, such as nightmares, destructive compulsions, criminal behavior, etc. Good and helpful thoughts obviously exist. We were given the ability to choose between the good, and the evil thoughts that are offered up in our mind. All this is supernatural, and, I submit, overwhelming evidence of a supernatural creator who wants us to do what is right. I'm not happy with the fact that the innocent get caught up in the evil of the world.
If I accepted that thoughts are supernatural as a fact, maybe the rest of what you say would follow. But I don't understand what logic or evidence you are claiming supports your assertion. And if you're not happy with the innocent getting caught up in evil, why isn't an all-powerful, all-merciful God unhappy, too--and doing something about it? --Ed Buckner, Smyrna GA
If the universe were one big bunch of nothing, that would be natural. Life, intelligence, matter, and energy are supernatural, to me. Maybe the Creator's plan is if everyone stopped doing evil, the innocent wouldn't be destroyed by evil. Ed, what intelligence knows what a thought is made of, so a thought can be created in our mind?
It makes a lot more sense that our thoughts come from an intelligence (the Creator), than from mere electricity, from nothing, or from a physical object (such as genes).
No one has presented an argument against the existence of God that makes the slightest bit of sense. I started this debate 2 years ago. Over 45 thousand invitations to debate have been sent to university professors. If you think you have an argument, post it now.
Alas, this exchange has not generated much light (not much heat, either--and I guess that's good at least). When I posted (I'm "Ed Buckner" and EBuckner--just couldn't get reregistered) before (over two years ago) I got, as you can see above, very little reply to my questions beyond confident assertions. Why do evil and suffering exist? If thoughts are supernatural, why all the wicked thoughts? Etc.
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