Full Version: Possession by Evil
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Examples of possession by evil are nightmares, destructive compulsions and depression, and various deviant compulsive behavior, such as homosexuality.
Unfortunately, a debater refused to fully address the issue of the origin of thoughts. After 30 days the debater's posts were deleted.
In our church, during the prayer session, I have seen many possessed men and women, who were cured by the prayers. Some of them who got cured returned to their old habits (about which the Pastor and others had warned not to do). For example, there was a woman who was suffering from evil spirits for 20 years. Our prayer group prayed for her with fasting. Finally the evil spirit left her. They gave her some instructions to not follow her certain old habits, which she failed to follow and again she got possessed. Otherwise, none of them got this problem again, once cured from it.
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