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The True Law - admin - 11-21-2007

The Law of God given Conscience (that which is conscionable) is the highest law, and the law in its truest sense. This law is administered by a jury of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the community who believe in God, because God supplies your true conscience.

RE: The True Law - balthasarbal - 01-30-2010

Your Bible says no! God’s methods and laws are basically the same from Genesis to Revelation. Apparently, not realising this, most self-appointed ministers will tell you about the God of the Old Testament in contrast with Christ in the New Testament. Then they go on to say that Christ preached one gospel, and the apostle Paul preached a different gospel! They are in confusion.

RE: The True Law - admin - 01-30-2010

What do you mean, "Your Bible says no!"?
Jesus came to fulfill the Law, Matthew 5:17-19. It is difficult to find politicians who believe in and promote the Ten Commandments because, in part, most of today's voters elect people who promise the most of other people's money. This may be changing.

RE: The True Law - bjbhai - 06-30-2011

Yes, God given Conscience is the highest law, which has given birth the norms and general laws as well. Though the universe operates through the law of cause and effect "as you sow so shall you reap" God has established another law, THE HIGHER LAW, i.e. the the LAW of LOVE. People who love justice, they have there: the law of cause and effect. And for the person who knows nothing but love, s/he is operating the highest law, the law which is governing the whole universe. And, this can be the common ground, on which all the religion of the world can live at peace.

RE: The True Law - admin - 07-04-2011

bjbhai, How do you deal with people who aren't lovable?

RE: The True Law - admin - 06-14-2012

Debaters: Please email your responses to I will post them verbatim on this forum. Thank you, admin