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- Evolution is false. Out of the over 1.5 million named life forms on earth (bugs, lizards, birds, fish, mammals, etc.) how many existing named life forms can you list that are obviously in the process of becoming a higher named life form?

- God exists. An intelligence other than you created your thought processes, such as your ability to understand and learn. God is that intelligence.

- We can receive, experience, and choose thoughts. We cannot create thoughts. If we could create thoughts we could keep ourselves in a thought paradise at all times. If you believe you can create thoughts, describe in detail what a thought is made of (the type and intensity of energy, etc.) and how you install and utilize the thought.

- The Law of God given Conscience (that which is conscionable) is the highest law, and the law in its truest sense. This law is administered by a jury of the most respected, knowledgeable people in the community who believe in God, because God supplies your true conscience.

- Populations and governments worldwide have abandoned the true law of what is conscionable, which is why governments enact unconscionable policies, such as taking your money that you need for your family's welfare, and giving it to others for votes.

- Giving to the welfare of others is properly done through churches, which promote the true law of what is conscionable (not color of law).

- All governments today act under color of law, meaning pretense of law, because some of their policies are unconscionable.

- Our thought mind works, in part, as follows: A thought is composed of low intensity energy. Similar to the way the energy in a lit fuse releases a greater intensity of energy in the form of an exploding firecracker, thoughts cause electrical impulses to be released from your gray matter (keep in mind that all matter is made of energy). These electrical impulses are then distributed to various muscles in our body causing contracting energy to be released from the atoms that make up our muscles (all of our muscles are contracting muscles). Other examples of contracting energy are static electricity and gravity.

- Examples of possession by evil are nightmares, destructive compulsions and depression, and various deviant compulsive behavior, such as homosexuality.

- The most nourishing and compatible food for our overall health, the food which is the most helpful in preventing various degenerative diseases, such as cancer, is raw vegetables, mainly raw greens (consider the physical makeup and abilities of wild animals which live on raw greens).

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